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Nowadays, one of the most common ailments amongst the urban people is allergy.

Over 10 millions Thai people or 1 in every 6 persons suffers from allergy. This estimated figure does not take into account a lot more people, who are at risk with allergic condition, as well as people who are unaware of their allergies. Therefore, we would better be alert of means for protection against, and dealing with, allergies.

Allergy, a condition whereby a person has taken into his/her body allergic substance, commonly called ‘Allergen’, resulting in his/her body immune system being stimulated in defence against the allergen, but in excess of normal body immunization level. Therefore, for a person suffering from allergy, when his/her body takes in allergen, he/she will have very clear symptom of allergy, which differs from one person to the others, examples of the different symptoms are :

   --Eyes irritation, eyes inflammation, watery eyes, these are eyes symptoms caused by allergy.

   --Sneezing, coughing, nasal irritation, persistent running nose, these are nasal symptoms caused by allergy or air pollution.

   --Apparent rashes on the body.

   --Dried and itchy skin causing red and painful spots all over, commonly known as allergic rashes.

   --Feeling sick and feel like vomiting, or skin rashes on arm and body, commonly known as allergy to food etc.

However, the most common allergy is caused by harmful dust, or nasal inflammation caused by such allergy, and major cause of this type of allergy comes from wastes and discharges from mites or commonly known as “house dust-mites”.

These dust-mites are found on mattresses, pillows, duvet, stuffed dolls, fabric-upholstered sofa with synthetic yarn material. Dust-mites are tiny living creatures not visible by the naked eyes, live off human scurf coming off the skin, dandruff coming off the scalp. The wastes and discharges from these mites exist in the air which people breathe in and become allergic to it. In Thailand, the allergen detected in the air on the average is 11 microgram per 1 gram weight of dust, this level exceeds the standard allowed by World Health Organization (WHO) at 2 microgram of allergen per 1 gram weight of dust.

Dust-mites are known as one category of mite, a living creature with 8 legs, and so tiny in size of approximately 0.3 mm. which is not visible by the naked eyes. There are many categories of mites, but the one causing allergy are known as Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus (trouessart), referred by health professionals in abbreviation as Dp. And Blomia tropicalis Bronswijk, referred to in short form as Blomia, their life span is 6 weeks. They survive on human scurf coming off the skin, dandruff coming off the scalp. Dust-mites are mostly found on mattresses and pillows as primary source, and also on fabric-upholstered sofa, stuffed dolls, especially those using synthetic fabrics, as secondary source of ideal accumulation sources of dust-mites.

As pointed out earlier that the cause of allergy comes from dust-mites which actually are wastes and discharges of mites. Whenever mites leave wastes and discharges, these are main composition causing allergy. While sleeping on the mattress, whenever ones toss and turn, the dust-mites get pumped up in the air, which ones then breathe in causing allergy. How severely affected a person is, by the allergy, varies in different individuals.

Treatment of allergy - By taking anti-allergy medication, it is only to reduce allergic symptoms, or by having anti-allergy vaccine injection which is a popular treatment, but need continued treatment, which can be very costly, and the symptoms may not be cured completely in some cases. If ones continue to be exposed to allergen, this will bring about recurring allergic symptoms. Therefore, a preferred choice to deal with allergy would be some preventive means such as:

  1. To minimize the harmful effect of allergen caused by dust-mites by frequent washing of bed linen and pillow cases.
  2. To maintain the interior of the house in such a way as not to have dust accumulation spots which are ideal breeding ground for dust-mites.
  3. To minimize the harmful effect of air-borne dust which cause allergen by using air-filter or air purifier appliances.
  4. By selecting pillow cases made of densely woven fabrics as protection against dust-mites or using fabric treated with coating for dust-mites protection.
  5. Use of anti-dust-mites spray, which can either be of chemical based product widely used in other countries, but may only be sprayed on carpets, or curtains but not recommended for use on mattresses, or
  6. Anti-dust-mites spray made of natural oil extracted mist which should give more confidence to use on your mattresses, pillows, and duvets.


"A Research under NSTDA's project"

aLGy is an anti dust-mite spray of herbal based product, a development out of a continuous research undertaken by the Faculty of Agricultural Technology, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Lat Krabang, being funded by Biological Research & Development project in Thailand (BRT), under the National Science & Technology Development Administration (NSTDA) for a period of over 10 years. This research’s aim was to search for anti dust-mites substance mainly from herb, as an alternative to overcome the problem associated with using chemical based anti dust-mites product in other countries, which carries an adverse side effect to users. The ultimate finding leads to some familiar herbs like clove, cinnamon, which are heat-radiated and scented type of herbs, together with several Thai herbal extract which can get rid of dust-mites. And a mixture of right proportions of these can create a formulation capable of eradicating dust-mites 100% effective; while being safe to users’ health, as it is entirely made of herbal extracts.

Therefore, anti dust-mites spray, aLGy, is classified as an innovative anti dust-mites product with maximum safety to users’ health today. The product is available in aerosol can, as well as water solution in pump-type container to suit user’s preference. This product can also be used as room air-freshener in the household and in the car, or being used as pillow and mattress mist to promote sleep relaxation with the scent of orange, bergamot, kaffir lime, lemon oil to provide air of freshness, while clove gives sanitization effect and relaxation, Lavender induces relaxation and sound sleep, and Rosemary oil promotes sense of body balance.

Always shake the aerosol can before use, and spray directly onto pillows, mattress, and duvet (all soft and upholstered items on the bed are essentially needed to be sprayed), or fabric upholstered sofa, cushions, carpets, curtain, fabric-stuffed dolls, all fluffy and fabric cover material, one can even spray the product all over inside the car, and cover with blanket or plastic sheet for approximately 2 hours for fumigation effect, which will effectively get rid of dust-mites, or one can spray the product inside the room and keep door closed for longer period. Spraying the product inside the room twice in the first month 7 – 10 days in between the 2 spray applications and thereafter, once a month to keep out dust-mites which may come back again with the clothing we wear.
And people with serious dust-mites allergy problem like Asthma, or allergy problem causing severely irritating rashes on the skin, then the use of vacuum cleaning to suck away getting rid of the remains of dust-mites after spray application for the first and second times only Is recommended, and thereafter, vacuum cleaning every 6 months in good enough.

However, even without vacuum cleaning after spraying, the product is effectively reliable as aLGy can reduce harmful level of allergen, the procedure has been tested continually for effectiveness on actual patients during the 10 years of research period with satisfactory result, but the level of effectiveness varies depending on the severity of the allergic cases, as well as individual’s physical well being.

"Take Care of Ourselves BY
Take Care of Our Earth"

Because if our earth is so polluted, then as the consequence, we will inevitably be affected by it.
And why is this so?
Take a look around us to see what the products there are in the market today. Almost all the products you see are of some form of chemical composition. And so, how can we avoid them? Have you ever wondered why it is that manufacturers like to use strong pesticides for pest control, use synthesized chemicals, as well as artificial fragrances in their manufacturing processes for almost all productsin the market? The reasons beingthat:

And why is this so?
Take a look around us to see what the products there are in the market today. Almost all the products you see are of some form of chemical composition. Have you ever wondered why it is that manufacturers like to use strong pesticides for pest control, use synthesized chemicals, as well as artificial fragrances in their manufacturing processes for almost all products in the market? The reasons being that:

  1. Because pesticide, chemical substances, synthetic material, preservatives, or even chemical based fragrances carry lower cost than natural material, and hence give manufacturers and sellers higher profit margin.
  2. Because chemical substances tend to give instant result or effective outcome within a short time span, but harmful effect to health would show up after a long period of usage, and consumers having to search by themselves for information of any adverse long term side effect from research study done overseas, or from health journals, in order to realize the long term effect.
  3. Because of simpler storage care and longer product’s life of chemical substances, which enable manufacturers to keep their goods for longer period without the risk of financial loss incurred by product being expired, making it necessary for them to use synthetic material and preservative to extend the product’s life at the expense of the consumers getting the increased accumulation of harmful chemical substances.

Rationale behind the manufacturers of organic products is that :

  1. There are ample findings from research work highlighting the long term adverse effects of chemical substances, such as reported findings by Environmental Working Group. Website : And because of this, it is of long term health concern to ourselves.
  2. Among the developed countries, there are information on the adverse impact to environment, if these products were to be produced in their own countries. Doing so would generate huge amount of discharged waste of chemical substances, which would only be recycled back into their nations’ vicious circle of consumption. These developed countries tend to relocate their manufacturing bases to less-developed countries, where there are still abundant resources, together with cheaper labor cost, as well as the absence of strict environmental legislation, and so they end up getting lower cost products. Once the host country of their manufacturing bases has grown to be classified as developing country, their manufacturing bases would again be relocated to newly found under developed countries, in order to exploit the resources, and dump the chemical wastes discharge in their next newly found economic victim countries. We, therefore, want to play a part of slowing down this self destructive act, no matter how big or small our part might be.
  3. 3. Having come to our senses with the issue mentioned above, we must realize that we do not only get affected by environment outside our home, but the effect also creeps into our household as well. Since all these products have inevitably become part of our daily lives. No matter where we are, we still have to breathe in the air, we have to eat food, we have to use personal care product, we have to smell things, and by doing all these, we are accumulating in our bodies environmental pollution, some of which will eventually become toxin.
We, therefore, vow to be a part of the effort to keep all of you and ourselves, as far away as possible, from these chemicals, and toxic substances. Especially, for that 8 hours sleep in our own bedrooms, because during this 8 hours period, our bodies are supposed to get full rest to recharge our bodies’ immune system, in order to fight off the effect of the chemical and toxic substances we expose to during the other 16 hours we are outside of our bedrooms.

Lives amidst Chemicals

Bathroom & WC Chemical substance to be found
Toothpaste Most toothpaste contain SLS (Except toothpastes which do not produce foam)
Showering Common soap making uses palm oil, extracted by a process using hexane solution, as well as artificial fragrances (except organic soaps which use scented oil extract from flowers or herbs)
Shampooing Common shampoo tend to use detergent like substances which contain synthetic substance SLES, and artificial fragrances (except shampoo which use synthetic substances classified under organic group of ALES)
Facial Make-up
Kitchen Chemical substance to be found
Common vegetable Toxic substances from pesticide etc.
Vegetable Classified as safe Vegetable subjected to pesticide use, but prolonging harvest to get rid of some pesticide to a level classified as safe by Government Agency, but still some pesticide remains.
Vegetable Free of Pesticide Vegetable not subjected to pesticide use, but still subjected to chemical fertilizer to speed up growing process, and the use of seeds produced by genetically modified organism (GMO)
Organic Vegetable The so called organic vegetable are produced by natural vegetable growing, without the use of weed-killer chemicals, pesticides, chemical fertilizer hormone for growth, as well as not giving adverse impact to environment. Anyone interested in this organic vegetable may find out more information from ‘Community Supports Agriculture CSA’
Meat Red meat color enhancing substance makes it more appealing and growth hormone helps to speed up animal growth. Farm animals are normally kept in closed compound with no physical activities, and being fed on processed animal feed mainly corn, which are subjected to pest control chemicals, in order to keep up the output rate in meeting big global demand. (see documentary title ‘Food Inc.’ on this subject.
Bedroom Chemical substances to be found
Furniture, Household Paint Paint, as well as coating contains VOC substance which emits toxic gas.
Carpet of synthetic yarns, Fabric upholstered Sofa. Mattresses with synthetic Yarns. The making of mattresses’ cover materials, sofa’s cover material widely use Boric Acid, Sulfur, Formaldehyde, which emit toxic gaseous causing nasal irritation, vomiting sickness. This emitting of toxic gaseous occurs at room temperature almost throughout the 8-10 years products’ life. This does not include mosquito repellent, insect-killer sprays which we use in the bedroom, as well as artificial fragrances which come with our bed sheets, and we breathes all these in while taking our 8 hour sleep, or don’t we ?